Functional Medicine

Caring for and maintaining the body’s health is an act of integrating treatment methods, not separating them. We prioritize a method of functional medicine that treats the unified system of your body.

What is functional medicine?

Traditional medicine only focuses on treating symptoms, diagnosing physiological issues and minimising misery. But functional medicine brings together every aspects of our existence and treats you as a whole. 

What we will look at?

Together we will look at the following to find the root cause of your problems; 

  • Air you breathe
  • Food you consume
  • Water you drink
  • Toxins in your environment 
  • Amount you exercise
  • Psychological, spiritual and social factors that affect your life
  • Genetic makeup of your DNA

What you get at the end

With all the knowledge we gain, you will end up with a personalised lifestyle treatment programme specifically designed just for you. 


Functional medicine differs from traditional medicine in that it is a model of individualized, patient-centered care that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address and treat the ROOT CAUSE of disease, not just treat isolated symptoms. Functional medicine focuses on why the disease is occurring in the first place and creates a plan of treatment for your specific needs. Rather than simply  you medication to treat your problem, Dr. Sandra will work with you to determine the root cause of the problem and together, seek to identify and correct it so that you can achieve your health goals and live a life full of energy and vitality

I am so excited you are ready to get to the root of your health problems and begin a journey toward healing! Our starting
point is a free 15-minute phone consult scheduled through our website on the Schedule  Now tab.